Volunteer Hugo’s journey

A special thanks to Esthe Leather Shoes, families Burger and Schaper!

Breathtaking Fundraising Npc will be sending Hugo Lambrechts as a volunteer to fetch medication for patients in Argentina.

Trixacar is the generic version of Trikafta and only available in Argentina. We are not allowed to courier or import the generic version due to patent rights.

There is currently no direct flights to Buenos Aires and it takes up to 3 days there and another 3 days back. Due to the expensive traveling costs it makes sense to fetch medication for more than one patient.

Patients are often children and their parents can not afford to stay away from work and home for 2 weeks at a time, as it takes 7 to 10 days for the return trip to Buenos Aires to fetch the life changing medication.

Here’s to many more trips and changing lives of children and people’s with Cystitis Fibrosis in South Africa.

Thank you for your donations!

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