Sixty5Roses – Roses of Action

Funding Target for this event is:

1,500 GBP/ R23 000/ $1,900

Funds raised:
R 50 841.34

Target reached and almost tripled on 14 May 2024

sixty5roses – Roses of Action

“There is no beauty but the beauty of action” is a Moroccan proverb and resonates with me.

You see, I have cystic fibrosis, almost pronounced like sixty 5 roses.

I have always asked the question: “What can I do? How can I help?”

I want to introduce Denise as our first rose of action – she is our London Marathon Rose!

Distance is relative.

Even though these two roses have never met in person, they are connected.

Our beautiful London Marathon Rose decided she wants to do something extraordinary.

Although she has never done a marathon in her life, she decided to start training for one. She is doing the London marathon on Sunday, 21 April 2024!

Denise is extraordinary in my eyes – selfless and ready for action!

Please support her brave efforts to a worthy cause by donating (and share the link, because sharing is the ultimate way of caring!)

*UPDATE: A friend decided to sponsor Denise for every mile while she is training – I am delighted to say that we have officially TWO Roses in ACTION!

Thank you – from the bottom of my rose heart.

Here follows a little more information about me and my journey with Cystic Fibrosis (CF):
Unfortunately, CF is a debilitating, multi-organ disease and it hinders with normal life. I have spent on average 75 days per year either in hospital or visiting a doctor for follow-up appointments. Factor in the two hours per day for treatments required to get through a day, and my day/year is fairly filled.

But I refuse to become a victim! I will stand and I will make a difference – however long it might take me.

I finished my honours degree in Psychology, did my life coaching certification through Australia and qualified myself as a Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Educator through America.

All while my health was deteriorating.

For two years I had to use oxygen permanently. I had my new little ‘baby’ permanently dangling from my body, the umbilical cord attached to my nose, supplying me with oxygen with EVERY breath I had to take.

I still had the ability to breathe which means I can fight.

I joined Rare Diseases South Africa, Vertex save Us and the South African Cystic Fibrosis Association – all on the mission of living the beauty of action.

At home I try to live every moment to the fullest, participating in three legged races, super tubing and doing mummy duties to the best of my ability. My family accepted that we needed to become very creative to ensure that I keep hooked to the oxygen machine, putting in every effort to ensure action.

I woke up in October 2020 with the words: “Rida, you are tied up. You have been in an induced coma and currently you’re on a ventilator.” My mind was racing. How long have I been in this state? Will I come off the ventilator? Will I ever have my life back? Seven weeks later I left the hospital – weaker than usual, but more adamant to live (with action) than ever before!

I was listed on the lung transplant list. The long wait began.
And then the call came – I got a donation for the new CFTR modulators. I was scared. What if it doesn’t work? What if I am still hooked to the oxygen concentrator 24/7? (I really wanted to get rid of it.)

I started with Trixacar on 5 December 2022. In 24 hours, I could breathe easier. 48 hours I sang to my children. In 60 hours, I produced almost 500ml of mucus. It was working!

I started with various fundraising events to be able to purchase the next round of medicine. Each one of these events/donations I see as a beautiful Rose in Action!

The project started: sixty5roses – Roses in Action!

If you are willing to become a Rose in Action, please make contact with me!

Rida: +27 82 858 0793

Please use Reference: RVB040

Bankdetails for direct EFT:

Bank: FNB
Account Holder: Breathtaking Fundraising NPC
Account Type: Gold Business Account
Account Number: 63029888287
Branch Code: 250655
Reference: RVB040

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  1. Congratulations to Denise from the Celik’s

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