Meeting Javier Novaro

….Time to join hands with Breathtaking Fundraising Non Profit Company!

This is Maré Smit (our founder) and Javier Novaro meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss future coordination of flights and collection of medication for patients with CF in South Africa.

Trixacar is the generic version of Trikafta and is only available from a specific pharmacy in Buenos Aires,  Argentina. It is not allowed to be imported and must be collected in person.

This medication addresses the root of the problem for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. It is not a cure but prevents the mucus to become sticky and get stuck in the lungs. 

Therefore making it easier to breathe and prevents permanent damage to organs such as the lungs,  pancreas and liver.

Let us help families by collecting the medication on their behalf in Argentina.

This is impossible for many families as they have to take care of their families and can’t afford to be away from home/work for 7 days at a time every 5 months.

Flights are expensive (ranging ±R36 000 to R60 000) return flight per person. There are no direct flights currently.

Accommodation is about R4500.00 for 4 nights.

Also bear in mind that it is terrifying for families to leave their sick child at home or in hospital and fly to a country where they don’t understand the language, never have been traveling and/or collect medication to travel back home with.

#breathtakingfundrasingNPC  will be assisting patients with this daunting process by sending someone who will be trained to collect the medication on their behalf.

Here’s to many more trips and changing lives of children and people living with Cystic Fibrosis in South Africa.

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