Let’s do this for Janco

Let’s all support Janco and family.

Life is only as long as you live it and we only live once.

We want Janco to live and breathe freely and we want you to be a part of his journey.

We have someone who is able to collect medication in January 2024 but he is still in need of R 40 000 to make this chronic treatment sustainable for him.

Once we have raised this amount: he will be able to use the reimbursements from his medical aid towards his future batches of Trixacar.

We hope to make this more accessable to all patients living with Cystic Fibrosis in South Africa, but patients unfortunately do not have the luxury of waiting another month…another year.

Thank you for caring and every donation received so far.

Let’s do this….for JANCO!!!!

For more information, please send an e-mail to: mare@breathtakingfundraising.co.za

Funds raised:

R31 000



Fundraising Target:
R50 000

Funds raised to date:

Once-off donation (Amount is adjustable)

Monthly donation (Amount is adjustable)

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