Kayla’s mom has been raising funds for the last few months so that Kayla can use Trixacar. This is the generic version of Trikafta and is a highly effective modulator that addresses the underlying cause of Cystic Fibrosis.

Kayla has been fighting a relentless fight with this breathtaking disease and the least we can do is to support her mom to collect the medication they have worked so hard for. They have raised sufficient funds for the medication but the flights to Buenos Aires are so expensive that they are still in need of this funding. Furthermore, Kayla is in the hospital again and her mom has to stay with her.

We would like to assist Kayla in raising funds to collect her life-saving medication from Argentina.

We will train and send a volunteer to Argentina to collect medication on her behalf.

Flight tickets, accommodation and basic transport costs are roughly R44 000 but we were very fortunate to have the flight ticket sponsored by a flight agency so all extra funds will be reserved for Kayla’s future medication expenses.

Thank you for sharing our cause and also for every donation.