Jaco’s Journey

Jaco is a true CF warrior – One day he felt okay and wanted to find out about getting access to Trixacar. The next day he was admitted to ICU and the process was delayed.

He did not have the luxury of time and raising funds because he either needed a double lung transplant or Trixacar.

He used all of his savings and borrowed the money to pay for the medication that had to be collected in Argentina by a volunteer.

He is doing better already and coughing much less but he urgently needs your support to repay the loan and use the money towards his next batch of medication.

He will need to take the medication for the rest of his life. 

Not being able to breathe and not having access to a medication that could change this, is life threatening.

Our target is to raise sufficient money so that Jaco will be able to repay his loan of R30 000.

A monthly contribution of as little as R200 per month over the next 5 months could make this possible for him.

Thank you for sharing his story and our cause.

For more information about our cause and projects: please e-mail: mare@breathtakingfundraising.co.za

Fundraising Target: R30 000
Funds raised 46.9%

R14 069.76 Raised to date

Amount for a once-off donation can be adjusted:

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