Family Schaper Shout-Out

Thank you to family Schaper who entrusted Breathtaking Fundraising Npc to collect the medication on their behalf from the pharmacy in Argentina and a big shoutout to Esthe Smith (esthe leather shoes) for donating to this cause. Esthe Smith really made a life-changing difference and showed her support in a remarkable way. We would not have been able to do this without your donations.

This family has a son with Cystic Fibrosis and was only able to generate funds for 1 box of Trixacar – currently more than R70 000.

By coordinating flights and collection of medication with our contact person, Javier, in Buenos Aires – we are able to save money and were able to collect medication for 3 patients for the price of 1 flight ticket. 

This was their sons’ 2nd batch of Trixacar and they found that it not only gave their son a “second breath of life” but also a chance to live a more normal life with improved confidence and drive for his future. May Damian have a bright future and many more healthy years added to his life!

Thank you Hugo Lambrechts for doing this trip with Breathtaking Fundraising Npc and showing us how to go about saving money and finding our way in a country where almost nobody understands English. Your Google translating app was a life-saver!!!

We would love to support more families and patients in a similar way! 

Thank you for your donations and for sharing our cause with your social network!

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