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Coolkids Plunge: Freezin’ for a Reason Challenge

May 1 @ 5:00 am - August 9 @ 11:30 pm


Join The Cool Kids: Freezin’ for a Reason Challenge!

We’re The Cool Kids, a group that started as strangers and became friends united by our love for cold water plunging.

From Cape Town to Gauteng, from pools to the open sea, we take the plunge daily, no matter where life finds us—unicorn hats and fighter pilot helmets included!

Our morning ritual?

Dive in, snap a selfie, and share the joy, hilarity, and inspiration with our community. From die-hard plungers to delightful cameo participants, our group spans generations.

With members as young as 14 and as spirited as 73, who’ve helped us claim a part of a spot in the Guinness World Records, everyone brings something special to the water!

Last winter, we started a chilly tradition. This year, we’re making every plunge count with our initiative: Freezin’ for a Reason.

We’re proud to support Breathtaking Fundraising NPC, focusing on heroic little fighters battling cystic fibrosis.

Funds raised will go to help cover medical expenses and provide comfort with hospital goodie bags for newly diagnosed babies and children.



• 1,000 Plunges: We aim to hit 1,000 collective days of plunges this winter.

• 1,000 Sponsors: We need 1,000 supporters to pledge R100 each to back our plunges.

• Make It Viral: Challenge your friends to take the R100 plunge, snap a selfie, and post it with #CoolKidsPlunge #Breathtaking

• Our Target: R100,000 to Breathtaking Fundraising NPC by 9 August 20124 – With R100 x 1000 sponsors – Together, we can make a difference!

• The Challenge: Can you do 100 cold water plunges in 2024?



1. People with Cystic Fibrosis currently have a limited life expectancy (32 yrs in South Africa).

2. There is new hope for people living with CF in the form of Modulator therapy: This is not a cure but can increase the lung function with 10% – 20%, reduce double lung transplants and prevent premature deaths.

3. ⁠CF is a rare disease: only ±600 people in South Africa has Cystic Fibrosis



• Pledge a Donation: Every Rand brings us closer to giving these incredible kids the support they deserve, and goes directly to aiding those in need through Breathtaking Fundraising NPC. • Share our Cause: Every cold plunge deserves a round of applause!

Use #CoolKidsPlunge and #breathtaking to post about our initiative. More shares means more sponsors and awareness.

• Take the R100 Plunge Challenge: Challenge your friends and upload your plunge photo to the comments, tag us, and challenge friends to join in.

• Feeling Brave? Join the Cool Kids for the 100 Day #CoolKidsChallenge # Breathtaking

Ready to dive into something life-changing?



• Boosts Immunity: Regular cold water exposure can strengthen your immune system.

• Improves Circulation: The shock of cold water helps improve blood flow and circulation.

• Enhances Mood: Cold plunges trigger the release of endorphins, lifting your spirits.

• Burns Calories: Cold water immersion forces your body to work harder to stay warm, burning extra calories.

• Increases Resilience: Regular plunges build mental and physical resilience, helping you tackle life’s challenges. Join us in making a splash for a great cause. Together, we can turn the tide for children with cystic fibrosis. Donate, share, and plunge—it’s more than a challenge; it’s a chance to change lives.


Visit our posts to see how we are doing or to make a pledge:

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May 1 @ 5:00 am
August 9 @ 11:30 pm
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