Ella’s Story

We’re reaching out on behalf of Ella, a remarkable 10-year-old battling Cystic Fibrosis – a severe, chronic respiratory illness which means she has to fight for each and every breath she takes. 

Despite her daily struggle with this life-threatening illness Ella remains optimistic, brave, and full of life.

Diagnosed at just 10 months old, Ella has undergone extensive treatments since infancy including many lengthy, invasive hospital stays. 

Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder affecting the lungs and organs, requires her to endure nebulizers, physiotherapy, numerous pills, and regular hospital stays. 

Despite these challenges, Ella radiates positivity, demonstrating resilience and pursuing her love for sports.

While a global community of around 100,000 supports CF awareness and fundraising, the cost and availability of life-saving drugs remains prohibitive in many countries, including South Africa.

Ella’s only hope now lies in Trixacar, a generic alternative which can only be purchased – in person – in Argentina at an eye-watering R117,000 per month. 

To access this alternative, she desperately needs your support. Without the drug, Ella’s lung function will continue to deteriorate (she currently has just 80% lung capacity), her life expectancy will be significantly shorter than her friends and she may require a lung transplant. 

She will find it increasingly difficult to breathe, she will develop increasingly severe lung infections that will require more frequent and extended stays in hospital. 

These will continue to affect her education and she will continue to miss out on so many of the joys of childhood (and adulthood) that many of us take for granted.

We urge you to contribute in any way possible and share Ella’s story widely. Additionally, sign the global petition “Vertex Save Us”.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in Ella’s life and the lives of many others battling Cystic Fibrosis.


We have already saved some money and made use of Backabuddy but due to the unstable economy in Argentina – we have to keep on raising funds to ensure the chronic medication is sustainable for Ella. Once we have paid for the medication, our medical aid will reimburse us accordingly and we would use that money for her next batch of medication.



Our current Fundraiser:

Fundraising Target: R100 000

Funds raised to date: R12 000

I am embarking on the worlds toughest trek of Mt Everest base camp from 1st-20th April. It will involve 13 days of intense hiking and pushing myself to the limit. I have taken on my other physical endurance events in the world, some of which have entailed the All 6 marathons and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

I’ve chosen to do this hike for a little girl called Ella who fights Cystic Fibrosis.

She is a young soul experiencing challenges every single day without any training or gear, but she achieves her goals through living life and by trying to make her journey a little easier is an honor for me.


Much love

Max Pillay

Once-off donations:
Amount is adjustable

Monthly Donations:

Monthly Donations:
First amount is adjustable, thereafter it will be R250 pm

Alternatively please add our bankdetails as a scheduled payment via your own internet banking:


Bank: FNB

Account Holder: Breathtaking Fundraising NPC

Account Type: Gold Business Account

Account Number: 63029888287

Branch Code: 250655


Reference: B001ES

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