Bea’s story of hope with Cystic Fibrosis

Our journey started rocky since we were unable to conceive naturally.

After many years of struggle, we fell pregnant with twins through treatment; the twins are a boy and a girl.

We were over the moon.

On day 3, the girl’s tummy swelled up, and the doctor realized there was an obstruction.

Upon further testing, we heard for the first time in our lives the word “cystic fibrosis.”

The doctor’s words that still stay with me today are that our child will not thrive and have a quality of life.

As Christians, we know that there is always a way, and God really provided the necessary people and resources. One of the people we want to highlight is Maré, who also has CF.

She gave us so much motivation and insight into the disease.

God was always faithful through all of the years.

Now, looking back with my nearly 15-year-old, we can truly say she has a quality of life.

This is not to say that the journey was not tough and exhausting at times.

It was a journey of faith, and it still is.

e prayed fervently for solutions, and the new medications have been an answer to those prayers, giving our daughter a further quality of life.

We are expectant and excited to see the effect the new medication will have on our daughter’s quality of life and health.

God really did provide for all of our needs, and we continue to have faith in His plan for our family.

Here is to many more breathtaking years!



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