Anika’s Story

Anika is our 15-year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

It is a genetic condition that affects multiple organs in the body, requiring daily treatments and medications, as well as regular hospital stays.

Anika fights the effects of Cystic Fibrosis every day. CF is degenerative. The lungs, pancreas, digestive system, and liver become more and more damaged over time. CF is also life-shorting, reducing life.

New modulator drugs like Trikatra/Trixacar, correct the problem of CF at cellular level. These drugs are a game changer.

Many people with CF on modulators are living normal lives.

Unfortunately, this life-saving medication is not registered in South Africa, and is expensive and ongoing. So, we are looking to access Trixacar, a generic which is produced in Argentina. Trixacar is currently around R105 000 per box, not including travel and accommodation costs. We need to raise at least R110 000 to get her started on this medication.

Anika needs to start on a modulator as soon as possible. We need to pay for the medication upfront and then her medical aid will reimburse us partially so that we can use those contributions again for the next batch of medication.

Please help us give her the normal life she longs for. Most important of all; please keep Anika in your prayers. Thank you for sharing our cause.

Here is a video of her story in her own words…

Fundraising Target:
R220 000

Funds raised to date:
R12 450.00

Once-off donation:
Amount is adjustable


Monthly donation:
Amount is adjustable

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